Friday, 16 August 2013

Figarti: 'Eavy Metal

Another little gem from Figarti, those masters of the weird and wonderful, for you to cast your eager eyes over, this time in the shape of this very effectively winterised ISU-152


If, like me, you get somewhat tired of seeing the same old fare offered up by the major miniature manufacturers, then vehicles like this are sure to get the heart beating just that little bit faster

Nicknamed the 'Zveroby', or 'Animal Killer', by Soviet tank crews the ISU-152, with its 95lb shell, was one of the few vehicles capable of blowing apart Panthers, Tigers and Elefants and helped give the Russians a fighting chance as the formidable German war machine continued its seemingly relentless roll eastwards

ISU-152: Some vital statistics!

As we have come to expect from a company that has built its reputation on the quality of its machinery this is a detailed and very well made model and comes with a soldier wearing the baggy and poorly fitting Russian winter smock and mittens, and with a price tag of just £210. What's more, it's a limited edition piece

That about wraps it up for this evening but I reckon this one's got to be a contender for any truly serious Eastern Front or Soviet specialist collector. Imagine how great it would look as a centrepiece for a winter diorama, alongside an immobilised Tiger and a troop of panic-stricken panzer grenadiers trying desperately to keep the hell out of its way!

Happy [German tank] hunting!

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