Monday, 12 August 2013

JOB Done

Whilst reading an article in the latest issue of Toy Soldier Collector the other day I came across a passing reference to a toy soldier newsletter published by one John O'Brien. To my shame, perhaps, it was the first I'd heard of it but the article's author certainly prompted to be investigate further

I duly logged on to the internet, searched for John O'Brien's toy soldier newsletter and was rewarded with a link to his wonderful website. Once there, and having taken a few moments to look around, finding the latest newsletter was a simple matter of clicking on a fairly obvious and clearly highlighted hyperlink

The newsletter is a simple, straightforward, no nonsense affair delivering a dose of interesting and informative news about some of the latest offerings in the toy soldier world and a recommended read for any collector or enthusiast. I have taken the liberty of including screen shots of the latest issue below

John's website is well worth a look, jam packed as it is with pictures of his fabulous collection as well as many of the figures he has painted for fellow collectors all over the world. The screen shots below will give you a flavour and for further information simply follow this LINK or click on the permanent image link on the sidebar. Happy viewing!

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