Monday, 5 August 2013

TGM: The One That Got away!

Sounds like a strange title for a post about toy soldiers perhaps, and I know I've only very recently posted about the latest releases from TGM, but I was leafing through the pages of the current edition of Toy Soldier Collector when I came across a full page ad featuring, amongst other things, a vehicle I couldn't remember seeing in any of the more recent TGM newsletters

As I am with many of the company's offerings, I was quite taken with the 'cuteness', if that's in any way an appropriate word to describe it, and the 'out of the ordinariness' of it. Like Figarti, TGM are doing quite a bit of this lately and I for one am all in favour of it, ie the production of slightly quirky, more unusual vehicle variants

You may already have seen it, you may already have one in your collection, but if you haven't then see what you think of it, and if you have then you will probably agree that TGM deserve another pat on the back for giving us another great little vehicle to add to our Normandy convoys

The SdKfz 140 Aufklarungspanzer Reconnaissance Tank

Following a Heer requirement for a new armoured reconnaissance vehicle that could make use of the outdated 38T chassis, the SdKfz 140/1 was born. Just over 100 were made in 1944 before production was ceased in favour of the SdKfz 234 Puma series

Armed with a 2cm KwK 38 L55 cannon, the SdKfz 140/1 was well liked by its crews. As the tide of war turned against the Germans, the need for such light tanks was soon becoming obsolete. However as with all vehicles left in the German inventory, these tanks were used right up until the end of the war

TGM has produced 200 of this beautiful looking vehicle in their usual Normandy and Winter versions, and at a very attractive price of £79!

I thought I'd finish up with a couple of photos of the 'real steel' vehicle. You may be able to find out lots more about this interesting little vehicle by clicking on the following link and investigating some of the featured sites: LINK!

Happy hunting!

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