Sunday 31 October 2010

The Birmingham Toy Soldier Show, 2010

What a thoroughly enjoyable day today has been, thanks in no small part to the man whose picture appears below, Dave McKenna

For those of you who don't know Dave, he is passionate about toy soldiers - and no doubt many other things - and he is responsible for organising the Birmingham Toy Soldier Show. He has been doing this for the past twenty years - this year's show was number 20 - and although I've only been to two of them, including this one, I joined in heartily with the unscheduled round of applause elicited by one of the attendees as an appreciation and a 'thank you' for all that Dave has done to promote the hobby. It took Dave utterly by surprise and was thoroughly well deserved. I will certainly be attending the next one in just under a year's time

A full review of the show, together with some pictures taken by yours truly, will be posted sometime over the next day or two. Be sure to catch it, won't you?

Dave McKenna in the foyer of the show venue. Hope I didn't embarrass you too much

More Gorgeous Guns

I've always quite liked the following gun but had a fairly disappointing experience with an inexpensive Chinese made clone not so long ago. The latest edition to the MP7 stable, by KWA, is a GBB jobby and is currently being given some very good reviews. Airsoft International, for example, love it, as does the reviewer in the video below

The KWA MP7 A1 GBB, with H+K trades courtesy of Umarex

As stated in the clip, the gun was firing too hot for sites in the UK. Firing was carried out with 0.2g BBs and the mags were filled with propane gas

Saturday 30 October 2010

Beautiful New Guns

Okay. I'd love to be able to say these beauties are mine, sadly they aren't - yet! I had the good fortune to be able to look these lovelies over in the flesh at the recent AAF [Airsoft Arms Fair] here in the UK and they really are as good as they look, nay better! The Magpul Masada ACR is a gem, not bad in black, but even better in the must have colour of the moment. My personal favourite, however, being a WW2 enthusiast, is the Ares PPSH EBB. Beautiful to behold, excellent finish, weighty, solid as a rock. It's at the top of my shopping list right now

The Ares PPSH - a stunning piece of kit in my opinion


The Magpul Masada in black

The Magpul Masada in a more beautiful colour way!

Airsoft International: Magpul PTS items on sale at FireSupport

Airsoft International: Magpul PTS items on sale at FireSupport:

Nearly the entire range of Magpul PTS equipment is now available, at reduced prices, over at FireSupport. Definitely worth taking a look, but don't hang around. Click on the link above and have a gander!

YHM Specter Modular Weapon System | Popular Airsoft

YHM Specter Modular Weapon System | Popular Airsoft

Click on the link above and take a look at this new weapons system from YHM. You buy a lower receiver and stock, a choice of fixed or crane, as one piece. You then buy an upper receiver and barrel assembly, and there is a choice of several, essentially giving you the flexibility to change the characteristics of your weapon for different types of game without going to the expense of buying several guns. Sounds good, and the product images look nice enough, but they don't come cheap

The SS: A New History

I am currently reading, and thoroughly enjoying, the latest book by Adrian Weale. "The SS: A New History", published this year, makes use of material not previously available, including recently released intelligence files from Germany. It aims to look beyond the mythical image of the SS and reveal the true character of the organisation, and indeed some of the individual members of it. Whilst not inaccessibly academic, the book is well referenced and there is a fairly extensive notes section and bibliography. Described as a 'compelling' and an 'extremely important book' by Michael Burleigh it is certainly an entertaining and enjoyable read

Thursday 28 October 2010

Up And Running

Simply Soldiers is up and running, an information gateway and exchange for anyone interested in sharing my passion for wargaming, airsofting, living history reenactment and toy soldier collecting. I will be taking in the delights of the Birmingham Toy Soldier Show this weekend and will be including a review of the show, together with some colourful images, as soon as is humanly possible after the event. Hopefully, lots of people will be there to make it a thoroughly worthwhile event. See you there

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Figures in my collection

Troops of an SS Kampfgruppe preparing for battle

Napoleon's German allies, in the van!