Tuesday 18 February 2014

JG Miniatures

In the Noticeboard section of the latest issue of Toy Soldier Collector it was reported that John Gittins, the man behind JG Miniatures, will be a little slower producing orders for customers this year due to ongoing health problems. The good news is he is continuing to work but is cutting back on the number of hours he does. Consequently, people will have to wait a little longer to take receipt of his miniature master pieces

It was also revealed that a new terrain mat is now in production which replicates a tarmac surface

I'm sure you'd like to join with me in wishing John a speedy recovery and all the very best for the future

Monday 17 February 2014

Collectors Battlefield Wargaming System

Since posting about this topic last night I have been on the toy soldier forum at Treefrog Treasures where I found quite an extensive discussion about the venture!&p=628514#post628514

I've also clicked on the link I referred to yesterday on TCS main page and this time it worked, taking me directly to the Battlefield product pages

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Sunday 16 February 2014

One To Watch

If you take a look at The Collectors Showcase website any time soon you will see an intriguing  image that looks remarkably similar to this

If you hover over the image and click on it you may be disappointed to discover that you are taken precisely nowhere, nowhere interesting that is. You are simply told that the website associated with the name doesn't exist!

As a wargamer, as well as a toy soldier collector however, I couldn't leave it at that so I dug a little deeper. I unearthed a reference to the game at Hobby Bunker and downloaded a couple of promo images [see below] together with the following blurb:

'Collectors Battlefield is an exciting fast play 28mm war-game system. Complete with a range of hand painted 28mm figures and vehicles. We've included quick reference cards with every set that provide all the stats needed to begin game play immediately. Our game manual is geared towards easy to set up and play skirmish games. Whether you're a collector, history aficionado or devout war gamer Collectors Battlefield has something for everyone!'


At least two American sites, Hobby Bunker and The Motor Pool, are taking pre-orders on all the figures and vehicles announced so far and the release date is set for late February, early March this year
“TCS is pleased to announce our new company: Collectors Battlefield. We’ve taken our great TCS WWII range and scaled them down to 28mm. These great metal 28’s combined with our quick play rules take wargaming to the next level.

Let’s face it who has time to paint armies then tackle a 250 page rulebook? Well we’ve solved both of those problems with our new Collectors Battlefield Wargame System. Figures come pre-painted and rules are easy to learn and fast to set up. And when you’re not playing games with the figures they can double as display pieces for much larger dioramas.

I’ve attached one of our ads below and encourage everyone to take a look at the brand new site. The game system starts shipping at the end of the month. And yes we already have two more historical periods at our factory!

Check out the new site:

Tally Hooo!


I'm certainly keen to find out more and when I do I'll be sure to check it out and keep you posted

Watch This Space!

Airsoft Equipment: Gorgeous Gun!

I took a trip down to my local airsoft site earlier today to pick up some cash from the sale of one or two guns and as I walked into the shop, there on top of one of the clothing display stands was something I've been waiting to see arrive on the market for quite a while now

I was looking at an airsoft version of an iconic light machine gun of the second world war, the German MG34. If, like me, you've had your head in the sand recently when it comes to airsoft, and you've yet to learn of the release of this formidable WW2 replica weapon, then you might want to 'read' on. To be honest, there's not a lot here to read but there's a video clip and some piccies and if you want to actually read some more rather than simply drool over your keyboard, then go to the manufacturer's website or look it up on one of the forums. Enjoy!



The Collectors Showcase: Latest Releases

The latest releases from TCS, including a rather nice looking 'speciality' vehicle for their German Normandy range

Collectors Showcase

New Releases Expected March 2014!
Roman Collection

American Civil War - 11th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment

The 11th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was raised in Virginia. It fought mostly with the Army of Northern Virginia.
The unit fought at First Manassas in a brigade under James Longstreet and at Dranesville under J.E.B. Stuart. Later it was assigned to General A.P. Hill's, Kemper's, and W.R. Terry's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. It served with the army from Williamsburg to Gettysburg except when it was at Suffolk with Longstreet. The 11th was engaged at Plymouth in North Carolina and after returning to Virginia saw action at Drewry's Bluff and Cold Harbor. It went on to fight in the Petersburg trenches south and north of the James River and ended the war at Appomattox.

Napoleonic - French Artillery

World War II


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Thomas Gunn Miniatures: February Releases

The latest releases from TGM, and it's quite a list this month I can tell you. A little something for everyone, well very nearly. Enjoy!

Thomas Gunn

New Releases Expected Late February!
French Foreign Legion - Mexico

Mexico was Emperor Napoleons attempt to establish an empire for France in Mexico whilst the United States were busy with their own Civil War. One of the most famous of all battles was fought at Camerone where a few legionnaires fought off several thousand Mexicans before being overwhelmed and almost wiped out to the last man. We plan to expand this range significantly over the next few months and it is all set to be one of flagship ranges with lots more additions!

French Foreign Legion

All figures except FFL024 are a limited run of 125.

French & Indian Wars

Originally produced for a museum in the UK.
The Royal Americans were formed in 1756 after Braddocks defeat and were specifically formed with a view to fighting in the Americas and Canada.
Officer recruitment was mainly from Switzerland and Germany, it was the first time foreigners had been allowed an officers commission in the British army. The 60th were trained to fight as a conventional infantry unit but also as a more irregular force that could fight in the heavily wooded areas of North America against the French and the Native Indians. The Regiment fought at Louisbourg, Quebec and Bushy run plus it maintained garrisons throughout the continent during the FIW. Our first figure from this series is dressed as he would have been for the FIW and is stood to attention, useful for either on parade, guard or waiting to go into battle.
All the figures in this series are slightly smaller than our normal 60mm range and will fit in nicely with Britain's, JJD or Frontline figures from this period.

African Wars

Please note these figures are the same size as Britains and Conte to enable the collector to mix and match their collection.

World War One

LOA009 and LOA010 are the B version of our FFL Arabs that recently sold out at quite an unbelievable rate of knots. This version as such will be very useful for helping the Allied side in their fight against the Turks.
  • GW018 -- French WW1 (Gas Masks) - is something not seen from Thomas Gunn before and this is French WW1 infantry wearing gas masks dressed in Horizon Blue! Both soldiers are wearing the ARS gas mask which was very similar in appearance to the German army issue gas mask of the time. One soldier reloads whilst kneeling and our second figure fires from the prone position.  Please note more Frenchies wearing gas masks will be coming later on in the year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1.
  • LOA009 -- Firing & Wounded - comprise a standing firing figure and a wounded brother in arms.
  • LOA010 -- Standing & All Fours - features a standing sneaking forward and a cautiously advancing Arab on all fours.

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JJD: March Releases

The very latest releases from JJD, ready to order now and due for dispatch next month. Enjoy!

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