Sunday 17 June 2012

JJD: July Releases

In my previous post I mentioned the JJD vehicle I purchased recently for my WW1 diorama. Well, here I am again, posting about JJD, this time making you aware of his new releases for July. As ever, full details are available from the manufacturer's UK representative's website at

So, here are all eight of the new releases for July in all their wonderful glory

ACE-08 S.E.5, ACE-08P Mannock, ACE-BP British Pilots, CAZ-01 Portuguese Cazadores, RR-21 Rogers Rangers Walking, LEUT-03 Prussian Grenadier Advancing #3, SUD-06 Mahdists Attacking, EEC-05 Regiment Royal Ecossois

Happy hunting!

Latest Additions

Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of my fairly regular 'Latest Additions' post, where I show off the most recently purchased figures in my collection

Just a handful of figures to show this time around, all of them part of K&C's Berlin '38 range, and a vehicle from JJD, so far the first and only item I have from this particular maker

First up, four new figures for my Liebstandarte displays in the form of two marching riflemen, a marching flag bearer and a standing flag bearer

Now for that JJD vehicle, a First World War armoured car taken from his range of ground support vehicles and crew. Primarily designed to complement John's excellent WW1 biplanes and triplanes I thought it would look very fine indeed trundling alongside the small collection of WW1 German stormtroopers I recently embarked upon. See what you think

All in all it's a well made and interesting looking vehicle, if a little 'small' for the 60mm [and counting.....] figures produced by K&C and Thomas Gunn. The TG flamethrower figure is a veritable Goliath of a man; even when standing next to the K&C figures he looks very 'big boned'. My only other complaint, and it's not really a complaint, is that the wheels don't move and none of the doors open. These trifling little things notwithstanding, it makes for a cracking addition to the diorama

That's all for now folks. Happy hunting!

Saturday 16 June 2012

First Legion Mega Newsletter

Many of you will know just how big a fan I am of the products coming out of this company. Over the past five years or so they have earned a well deserved reputation as one of the hobby's leading design and manufacturing teams and lately they have been incredibly prolific. Well, cast your eyes over this newsletter which arrived in my inbox a couple of days ago. There's something here for practically everyone and plenty of excitement to be had, so read on and prepared to be drooling at the mouth within moments! Further details and images of each of the individual ranges or figure sets referred to here are available on the company website, just click on the link at the top of the post

Normally in the subject line of our newsletter we name the specific release or two that are the focus of that particular edition. Well, in this case there are so many new releases (and ranges!) to announce, that the subject line just isn’t big enough!  So I’ve settled on the “mega” newsletter as that most appropriately describes this edition with all of the new products we’re announcing as well as a brand new figure range and a new sub range to an existing product line. In fact, in our almost five year history, this is by far our biggest newsletter and probably the most new releases we’ve had in such a short period of time. In fact, there are no less than 50 new products presented here for pre-order plus another 20 or so in the “sneak peek” section. All of the pre-orders will be shipping between the end of June and the middle of July as noted in the release specific detail below.  So, let’s dive right in and take a look at all of the new products on offer! 

First, we are extremely pleased to make the official announcement of the first of the four promised new figure ranges this year, the Seven Years War! We have had a lot of requests from our customers to cover this period, particularly the European part of the conflict, and we fully intend on delivering.   One might say that this range is right in our wheelhouse as the uniforms, styling, and nature of the conflict is extremely similar to Napoleonic figures and there’s little doubt that is something we do better than anyone else.  So expectations should deservedly run high for how we’ll approach and deliver on this new range 


Next, we’re also very pleased to announce the first release of a new sub range to our WWII: The Arms and Armies of the Second World War figure range, the Battle of Normandy US 101st Airborne!!!  Our WWII range has grown in popularity tremendously over the past year as more and more collectors have seen the quality of the products and jumped on board to collect what is the finest WWII figure range in the world. Up to now, our WWII range has been focused heavily on Stalingrad and the German army of the Campaign in North Africa. Well, we are extremely pleased to embark on the “Great Crusade” and bring the Anglo-Allied armies to life in the quality and styling that we’ve become known for.  So scroll on down to take a look at our upcoming initial release for this new endeavor, one that is sure to please discerning collectors

For those dedicated to our Stalingrad and DAK figure ranges, fear not as we’ve also started the pre-order on our latest offerings for Stalingrad and will follow up with several new DAK releases in August. Stalingrad and DAK will continue to be expanded as well, so please don’t worry that we’re “selling out” and moving west. On the contrary, we’re expanding WWII on a broad front strategy that would make Monty squirm and Eisenhower proud! 

In addition to these new topics, we’ve also started the pre-order on the remainder of our coverage of the 18th French Line Infantry for our Napoleon’s Europe product range. In the first 21 figure codes, NAP0310-NAP0330, we released the center companies and command.  This second batch of 19 new figure codes adds the Grenadier and Voltigeur companies with figures NAP0331-NAP0349. This brings the total coverage of the French 18th Line Infantry to a whopping 40 figure sets!  

Next, we are very pleased to present our latest creation for our American Civil War figure range, sets ACW041-ACW062, the Confederate 13th Alabama Infantry. When we had initially launched our ACW range we said that we would make it something of a second flagship figure range. Well, it’s taken some time, but we feel as though we are finally starting to live up to that promise and there is more to come later this year

As mentioned previously, we’re also pleased to present our latest releases for our Stalingrad figure range.  Sets RUSSTAL020-RUSTAL022 bring two variants of winter T-34 STZ along with a much needed tank commander and set GERSTAL047 adds the perfect complement to General Paulus with General Walther von Seydlitz

For you Glory of Rome collectors we have started the pre-order on the final 10 figures in our coverage of the Ancient German adversaries of Imperial Rome, sets ROM031-ROM040. This should allow for much more detailed dioramas to come into play now that the Germans have been brought up to strength a bit

Last, but certainly not least, after two years we are extremely happy to release the much anticipated Mounted Takeda Samurai charging the field at Nagashino in 1575. Sets SAM021-SAM026 are simply stunning figures that a vocal minority of our customer base has been waiting for patiently for quite some time now. And we promise it won’t be another two years until the next Samurai release!   In fact, we have another release planned for later in 2012

Don't forget what I said earlier, all the specifics relating to each of the ranges referred to above are available on the company website, together with loads more eye candy! Happy hunting!


Yet More from TGM!

If you're new to this blog, I promise you it's never usually quite so one-dimensional but it just so happens that yesterday, yet more news from TGM landed in my inbox and I feel duty bound to pass it on, so here goes

Dear Gunn Club
Our 95th Rifles arrived on Wednesday and are being shipped as I type, thank you to all of you who placed an order for these 'Best of British' fighting troops! 
As we develop our Napoleonic ranges we would be very interested in hearing from you, with particular regard to which Regiments you would like to see manufactured. So if you are a Napoleonic collector please drop me an email with your ideas and requests, if you don't tell us we cannot make it!
Our Anniversary set this year has now gone to production, but has been derailed timetable wise. You can expect to see this piece early September and for the first time it will not be an MG piece! What I can tell you is that it will feature a Knights Cross winner in action and will be part of a 3 man set. It will be 70 years since this particular recipient won the Knights Cross and therefore we thought this would be a suitable tribute to his bravery. If anybody has any ideas for the 2013 anniversary piece please send them in and if we choose your idea you will win a free sample of the anniversary piece when we produce it! It can be from any particular era and any nationality but needs to tie in with 2013 somehow, for example 1943 will be the 70th anniversary for such and such an event etc. 
August will see us taking a break from production due to various office and home moves, the only pieces likely to be released will be 4 x WW1 German infantry pieces. These have now shipped and are on the way to the UK! [Hmmm. Very much looking forward to seeing those. ed]
Last but not least I have attached pictures of 2 of our 4 new US Paratroopers out next month. So far as I can see they are historically accurate for Normandy with correct colour uniform, no Stars and Stripes flag for the 101st version and raring to go into action! As much as I hate to say this please do not send in pre-orders just yet, until the official release announcement in July. It just confuses poor Helen in the back office as these figures are only part sets, best really to see if you like the whole thing first before you order! As you can see we have made another Mohican warrior to compliment ATW001, surely one of the coolest looks out there for the all American warrior?!!!
Kind Regards
Vicki Lucas
Marketing Manager TGM
Here are the above mentioned pictures

As always, happy hunting!

Saturday 9 June 2012

Thomas Gunn Update

It only seems like yesterday when I was penning the last of my posts bringing you all news of Thomas Gunn's latest releases. Well, I make no apologies for bringing you more now. Here is a quick summary of what landed in my inbox just the other day. As ever, more images and information is available by following the link to the company website 
Dear Gunn Club
This month sees a reduced release as the factory had a production glitch on the sculpting side, which has had a knock on effect for June's production. Not only that but the factory also seemed to have gotten carried away with Napoleonics this month and quite simply forgot to put other products into the pipeline! So for the Napoleonic fans there's a nice selection this month, everybody else will get something next month I am afraid!

It’s been an open secret we have been looking at doing the 95th Rifles for a while and here they are; 10 figures in total with the first 7 being released this month. There are 2 versions of this famous fighting regiment as always. The 1st Battalion in more formal green wear and hard hats and the ‘scruffy’ 3rd Battalion! Both Battalions were at Waterloo, the 3rd had not long disembarked from Spain and had not yet been issued new uniforms. We have shown the 3rd wearing a mixture of dress including ‘Portuguese brown’ trousers and soft hats. You have the option to therefore display the 3rd as a Waterloo or a Peninsular unit for your dioramas

There is also a single WW2 release, but he’s extremely limited and only a few dealers will receive this figure!

Each of the seven Napoleonic figures being released this month is available in both versions and will retail at £22.08. Here are a couple of picture to whet your appetite
The first seven figures representing the smartly attired 1st Battalion followed by a couple of chaps from the 'scruffier' 3rd!

WW2 fans might be feeling a little bit left out but there's really no need. The figure pictured below, complete with an accompanying explanatory caption, may be in short supply but early in July TG will be releasing a splendid looking new vehicle which is already on my own wants list! Take a look and see if you share my lustful desires!
Winter Tank Rider. We made 50 of the tank rider from SOV001 in a winter version with white trousers and gloves. A great figure that can be used as a tank rider or in the prone ambush position. We had planned to offer these as a Gunn Club special but have now sent all of these on to our dealers, who were sent SOV001 last month with the tank rider figure missing as an apology. If you are after one of these figures I suggest that you contact your dealer and see if he has any for sale
SS039 Puma
The SdKfz 234/2 Puma was an 8 wheeled armoured car issued in 1944 to certain elite German units. Armed with a 5cm cannon and a top speed of  50 MPH this beautiful looking armoured car was capable of taking on any Allied light or medium tank if challenged. A total of 150 vehicles will be produced in the above BOB winter colour scheme together with a further 150 in the Normandy summer colour scheme shown below

The model will bear the markings of the 1st SS Panzer Division [Liebstandarte] and retail at $139

What a beauty she looks!
That about wraps it up for another TG update so it only remains for me to wish you all good fortune in your efforts to add some of these lovely models to your collections. Happy hunting!

Monday 4 June 2012

Latest Additions: WW1 Figure Sets

A short post to bring you up to date with some figure sets I recently purchased to add to my WW1 diorama. All of the sets pictured below are part of the K&C World War 1 range and all of them depict late war German storm troopers, from around 1917

Front and rear views of an infantry rifleman

A camouflaged 77mm field gun

Two views of the field gun complete with its three man crew

These battered and bruised grenadiers, preparing to unleash hell on the enemy, are two of the nicest figures I think K&C have released thus far

The base boards that the figures are standing on, complete with the odd shell hole and a number of moveable piles of rubble, were custom made by Dave Marshall at TM Terrain and the backdrop is one of those produced by John at JG Miniatures depicting a ruined town, not the sort of scene you would usually expect to find WW1 figures displayed in

I've elected to display my figures 'above ground', rather than in the ubiquitous trench system, during an assault on the remains of a small town. More pictures and updates to follow

Sunday 3 June 2012

Retail Therapy

In these recession hit times it's so good to read that there are still a few out there whose entrepreneurial spirit lives on, undampened! Last month I wrote a post about a Northern based chain of stores whose owners have decided to experiment with new toy soldier and model departments in a number of their branches. Let's hope that goes well and that they decide to open a few more

In a similar vein this month I bring you news of an American toy soldier store which is now going to have a presence on this side of the pond, as well as a new, as far as I know entirely British, toy soldier shop opening its doors to the British public

Crown Military Miniatures is an American concern that will now be offering a number of its product lines for sale in the UK through Collectors Corner, a small shop located at 61 Bartholomew Street, Newbury in Berkshire

Available for purchase from Collectors Corner will be figures from Black Hawk, Conte Collectibles and March Through Times

Centurion Toy Soldiers is a new store located in Chester. It's been advertised in the toy soldier press for a while now and I'm pleased to see that their website is finally up and running. According to the owner, Iwan Williams.....

Centurion Toy Soldiers is a shop selling toy soldiers and historical miniatures. We are based in Chester inside the city walls about 10 meters from the city's North Gate. We decided to open a soldier shop here in the north west of England as there is a definite shortage of shops of this kind in the UK

I have asked myself if there is a need for a physical toy soldier shop with the internet and E bay making the figures readily available from all over the world at the click of a button? Well I personally think that there is, call me old fashioned but I would rather walk into a shop where I can look at the figures and talk about them with someone else who shares a passion for collecting toy soldiers. So if you live in the North West of England, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North Wales, the Midlands or even the Welsh Marches come and pay us a visit as we are not too far away. I really hope to see you soon

Iwan is currently stocking figures from W. Britains, Thomas Gunn, and First Legion, as well as one range from Kronprinz Toy Soldiers and boxes of Airfix plastics

Happy hunting!

First Legion: Early Germans 2

For the fourth post of June I've elected to share with you some of my excitement at the news that First Legion have announced the release of the second batch of Early Germans in their Glory of Rome series

Following hot on the heels of the first half a dozen or so figures, and the delightful little vignette, I'm sure these latest figures are set to arouse quite a lot of interest

Available direct from the manufacturer, some of the figures shown will be retailing at $59.95 whilst others will be a little steeper at $64.95, rising to a relatively lofty $69.95 for the more intricately detailed pieces. They are also available in the UK from Maison Militaire, as well as one or two other places, one of which is previewed in a forthcoming post so I will say more about that anon. Prices will be £55, £60 and £65 respectively

I'll let the figures do the rest of the talking, pretty much, save to say that if you want any further information, or maybe a few more picture to whet your appetite, then click on the following link: FL Early Germans

Armed to the teeth, this tribesman clearly means business!

Two views of one of the more expensive figures in this release, giving some idea of the detailed paintwork involved

I particularly like this figure, resplendent in his captured Roman helmet. I wonder if it was taken from the head of the poor chap pictured above?

So, there you have it. Happy hunting!