Monday 4 June 2012

Latest Additions: WW1 Figure Sets

A short post to bring you up to date with some figure sets I recently purchased to add to my WW1 diorama. All of the sets pictured below are part of the K&C World War 1 range and all of them depict late war German storm troopers, from around 1917

Front and rear views of an infantry rifleman

A camouflaged 77mm field gun

Two views of the field gun complete with its three man crew

These battered and bruised grenadiers, preparing to unleash hell on the enemy, are two of the nicest figures I think K&C have released thus far

The base boards that the figures are standing on, complete with the odd shell hole and a number of moveable piles of rubble, were custom made by Dave Marshall at TM Terrain and the backdrop is one of those produced by John at JG Miniatures depicting a ruined town, not the sort of scene you would usually expect to find WW1 figures displayed in

I've elected to display my figures 'above ground', rather than in the ubiquitous trench system, during an assault on the remains of a small town. More pictures and updates to follow

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