Sunday 30 September 2012

Masterpieces in Paper

The latest edition of Toy Soldier Collector landed in my porch the other day and it didn't take me long to find something of interest within its pages

Spread out across pages 6 and 7 is a long letter written by Mr P Walker of the West Midlands [my neck of the woods] intriguingly entitled 'Paper Soldiers'. The subject matter of the letter is a website, which the writer was directed to by a friend when he was trying to find a suitable backdrop for photographing some of his medieval knights against

The site is hosted by Blogger and is essentially a 'one-stop-shop' for anyone interested in modelling pretty much anything in paper or card. The writer of the letter was delighted with the medieval castle he found through the site and, not only that, he was able to download a series of knights and men-at-arms models representing some of the soldiers that fought at Agincourt, models that he subsequently printed onto cartridge paper and constructed using a fairly minimal array of tools

Literally hundreds of sites are accessible through the blog providing a wide range of products from simple toys to superbly detailed and historically accurate representations of buildings, aircraft, tanks, soldiers and more

Why not take a look and judge for yourself? Happy hunting!

Airsoft Tour of Duty: AAF!

Howdie one and all. It's been a few days since my last post and we are rapidly approaching the end of the month. I'm bringing September to a close with a couple of quickies, the first of which is a reminder, on the off chance that you might have forgotten, that next Saturday Gunman Midlands, aka The Grange, will play host to the next Airsoft Arms Fair

Unfortunately I won't be able to go along to this event as I'll be shooting at my regular club site [Fireball Squadron] which has its monthly open skirmish on the very same day! Ho hum! If it's anything like the last two AAF's I've been to then it will be an event well worth making the journey for so if you haven't already been to one, book yourself in and take a look

Further details are available if you click the following link:

Monday 17 September 2012

Thomas Gunn: September Update!

Just last night I posted about a number of new releases from TGM. Well, here I am again giving you a summary of the update I received in my inbox not long after I had put that previous post together. Enjoy!

Dear All
A few notes for you all prior to the Chicago show taking over everything! First piece of news is that ACCPACK 003 is now all sold out here, within 1 week of its launch. This was somewhat of a surprise as we expected to have these here for some time and gradually sell out over the next year or so. For those of you after one of these pieces I recommend you contact your dealer as soon as possible
Not far behind the ACCPACK in the sales stakes is the Blitz 3 Ton truck, especially the grey version which has nearly sold out here. Once again do not delay in placing your order as we will not be making another grey truck for the foreseeable future
I have attached pictures of our PAK 40 Anniversary set which will be making its debut at Chicago. A few dealers have been sent 1 of each version for display purposes at the show. Strictly limited to 150 of each piece the Anniversary sets are always a popular set and well worth taking a look at. I will save the main spiel for the Anniversary set for next month's newsletter, however I believe the pictures speak for themselves

As an added bonus I have also attached pictures of our new Nebelwerfer also due out in the next month or so. Our version comes in 3 camo schemes (the usual suspects, Normandy, Winter and Desert) and is limited to 120 of each

The crew figure can be purchased separately and combined with the Nebelwerfer if so desired. Only 100 of each crew member has been made 
Prices yet to be decided but as you all know we try to make everything of a high standard but at the same time affordable
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will speak to you all next month

Until next time, happy hunting!!

Sunday 16 September 2012

Thomas Gunn: New for September

Back again with news of some forthcoming releases from TGM. I for one am absolutely loving what's coming out of this company at the moment, especially the WW1 and WW2 German figure sets, and that's what this post concentrates on. Take a gander at this little lot and tell me you don't want them!

SS043 Flakvierling

The Flakvierling was developed by the Wermacht in response to the increasing speeds of low flying attack aircraft being developed by other airforces. They correctly assumed that the current single barrel 20mm AA weapons in production would not have sufficient stopping power, should war break out

By mounting 4 x 20mm guns on a quad mount with a triangular base the Flakvierling was then born. Each of the four mounted guns had a separate magazine that held 20 rounds. This meant that a maximum combined rate of fire of 1,400 rounds per minute was reduced to 800 rounds per minute for combat use, which would still require 10 magazine swaps per minute on each of the four guns. The guns could be fired in pairs (diagonally opposite) or simultaneously, in either semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. The effective vertical range was 2200 meters and it was as  effective against ground targets as it was against low-flying aircraft

The gun was normally transported on a Sd. Ah. 52 trailer, and could be towed behind a variety of half tracks or trucks, such as the Opel Blitz which has also been released this month by TGM
Our versions come in a rough field applied tri-colour scheme for the Normandy, a newly applied whitewash scheme for the winter version and an authentic sand colour scheme for you North African collectors. All guns rotate and elevate and our set comes with 2 figures, the second loader figure can also be removed if required

Priced at $95 RRP with 150 of the Normandy/Winter versions being made and 120 of the Desert version available. All sets should be available mid September and with dealers shortly afterwards

SS038 Flak Officer

Designed to accompany the Flakvierling, or any other AA gun in your arsenal, our figure looks nervously upwards at the sky as the Allied air power advances remorselessly over the Reich's empire

Given the simpler uniform paint scheme utilised we can offer this figure at $30 each, with 150 of the Normandy/Winter and 120 of the Desert scheme available by about mid September

The three Flakvierling pieces with additional, and separately sold, officer figure


It’s been a while since we offered an accessory pack and now seemed as good as time as any! For those of you who want some additional protection for your airfield, gun emplacement or bunker then these little beauties are just what you could be looking for!  

ACCPACK 003 consists of the afore-mentioned Flakvierling artillery piece but with no crew figures. This will make it a very flexible piece which will hopefully feature in many dio's with collectors around the world. As before all guns rotate and elevate and will enhance any diorama setting

Priced at $39 with 100 of each version being available and with a special early war grey version [shown below] also available

SS044 Opel Blitz Truck

One of the most widely produced trucks in the German arsenal the Opel Blitz was seen on all fronts during WW2 and produced for many years afterwards in various guises. This month we offer an early war grey version and a winterised version suitable for Russia or a Battle of the Bulge diorama 

It comes with a driver figure, a removable load and will be available in mid September. Please note the production vehicles will not have such large door hinges fitted and the doors do not open. The finished vehicle will have much smaller hinges fitted and also a seamless fit between the door and its vehicle frame. Unfortunately our factory supplied pre-production samples for the photo shoot!

Priced at $135 each with 150 of the winter version and 125 of the grey version available

All of the above are available in the UK from Maison Militaire, so get in quick if you want some. Until next time, happy hunting!

King and Country: Dispatches

Hello again. It's the middle of September and I feel almost duty bound to apologise for the late arrival of this month's K&C Dispatches to the blog. It's overdue status notwithstanding I sincerely hope you enjoy what K&C have on offer this month, and it's quite a hefty helping!! As always, further details and images are available on the company website which you can access by clicking on the following link: K&C Dispatches

All of the figure sets previewed in last month's post are now available to purchase so what follows is a selection of those due for release in October, together with a list of the retirements for this month

On September 6 1941, Hitler boasted, “Today begins the last great battle of this year!” But the Fuhrer had reckoned without the treacherous Russian weather… the mud of Autumn and the approach of “General Winter ” were to become his mortal enemies

For two more months the German armies continued to advance and win battles despite the almost continuous rain and sleet that flooded rivers, turned fields into quagmires and once dusty roads into knee-deep mud

Tracks and wheels churned the ground into axle-deep “glue” that sucked the boots off marching troops and stuck and stalled thousands of trucks and tanks

Then, on the night of 6/7 November 1941, the first frosts arrived… followed a few days later by early flurries of snow… “General Winter” had struck!


Following the highly successful release, earlier this year, of our first Russian troops and T34 tanks, K&C has been hard at work on a “second-release” for this coming winter… And here it is..

Two new versions of the infamous T-34 are being released together with a lend-lease jeep and 7 supporting infantry figures

RA026 “Soviet T34/76 “Crush The Fascists.”
This first “winterT34/76 bears the slogan “Crush The Fascists” painted in red on both sides of the turret and comes with a suitably-clad Russian tank commander in the open turret hatch. (Just 150 being produced)

RA039 “Soviet T34/76 “Moscow!”
A second “winterized T34/76 is also available for those collectors who might like another second model for their displays or dioramas. This one carries the number “4” and “Moscow!” on both sides of the turret and has NO commander.
Therefore, it’s a little bit cheaper!
(Just 150 being produced)

RA030 "Lend-Lease Russian Jeep”
As soon as Hitler attacked the Soviet Union both Britain (and later America) provided, Free-of-Charge, huge quantities of weapons, trucks and tanks to the Russians
Among the most valued were the Willys and Ford-built Jeeps which arrived by the hundreds and were immediately put into action. Here is one such example complete with Red Army driver

Three of the 7 infantry support figures due for release


German soldiers fought through six “winters of war” between 1939 and 1945 on both the Eastern and Western fronts. Here at K&C we thought it might be a good idea to portray a selection of “Classic Germans” dressed for battling it out in the worst winter weathers… We made the figures… You choose the campaign or battle you think it most suitable to display them in!

The pictures below show the entire release and all of the figure sets are prefixed with the 'BB' code for ordering purposes. As such they all form part of the Battle of the Bulge series but, as the company write-up states, they could quite easily be used as part of an Eastern Front diorama

BBG054 "Sd. Kfz. 222 Armoured Car (Winter camouflage)"
Another great version of a great-looking vehicle. Set includes a commander seen just inside the 222’s turret


Designed to trundle alongside the 'classic' German infantry figures announced last month this field grey Tiger is sure to win the admiration of many a collector. All too often versions of this monster of German engineering are depicted in various camouflage patterns so this early version will make a welcome change and, I'm sure, a sought after addition to many a collection

WS216 "Tiger 1 (Early Production)”
This particular Tiger, the first of two “Early Production” models, is #”213” belonging to the famous Abteilung 503, the 503 rd. Heavy Panzer Battalion. This grey, battle-weary veteran has already seen some “hard-action” on the Russian Front. Both track guards have been lost and it's missing a front left wheel cover!
Another unique feature is the rear baggage bin behind the turret… “cannibalized” from a Panzer III. This allows us to place this tank as operational in Russia between August and November 1942. A shirt-sleeved commander completes the model

The company is also releasing a couple a ceremonial sets this month, the first depicting the Coldstream Guards on parade and the second celebrating the wedding of William and Kate. The final picture in the post shows this year's Christmas release, set this year in 1914 and commemorating the famous 'Christmas Truce' which took place at a number of locations in the trenches of Northern France



AL005 “Australian Lighthorse Charging w/ Bayonet (to the rear)”
CW026 “Union Officer w/ Binos”
CW027 “Union Chasseur Standing w/ Rifle”
CW028 “Union Kneeling Firing Rifleman”
CW029 “Union Standing Firing Rifleman”
CW030 “Union Kneeling Ready”
CW031 “Union Standing Ready”
CW032 “Union Kneeling Loading”
CW033 “Union Standing Loading”
CW034 “Union Standing Ramrod”
CW035 “Union Advancing”
CW036 “Union Sergeant w/ Flag”
CW037 “Union Bugler”
CW038 “Union Mounted Officer”
CW039 “Thirsty Work”
CW054 “The Photographer, Mathew Brady”
CW055 “General Lee's Belongings”
CW058 “Maj. Gen. John Buford Jr.”
CW059 “Union Guidon Bearer”
CW060 “Union Bugler”
CW061 “Officer Firing Pistol”
CW062 “Trooper Aiming Carbine”
CW063 “Prisoner and Escort”
CW064 “Trooper Kneeling Loading Carbine”
CW065 “Trooper Kneeling Cocking Carbine”
CW066 “Trooper Kneeling Firing Carbine”
CW067 “Trooper Standing Firing Carbine”
CW068 “Trooper Firing Pistol”
IF002 “Consul General of the Chaplains Dept.”
IF003 “Italian Forces, Marching Officer”
KM012 “Admiral Karl Donitz”
LAH105 “Heinrich Himmler Relaxing”
LAH108 “Sun Loungers”
MK036 “Charging Saracen w/Sword & Shield”
MK038 “Defending Saracen w/Sword & Axe”
MK051 “Fight to the Death”
MK068 “Fighting Priest w/ Axe”
        RTA036 “Mexican Soldier Running w/ Ladder”

So, that just about concludes another Dispatches for this month and, as I said earlier, what a hefty helping it's been! Until next time, happy hunting!

Saturday 1 September 2012

The Collectors Showcase: New Normandy Releases

Well, I didn't manage to get the last post up before August ran out on me and September arrived, and maybe that's not such a bad thing, after all it was all about some new September releases, as is this

As always, details of further releases as well as the ones selected here, together with additional information and images, can be found by visiting the company website, but here is a brief summary of the some of the goodies on offer from TCS

Before cracking on with the WW2 Normandy stuff I thought I'd draw your attention to what appears to be a new range being produced by the company, medieval knights!

The six figures available so far range in price from $79.90 for each of the mounted figures to $37.90 for three of the foot figures with the standard bearer being just a little more expensive at $39.90

Now on to Normandy, and a couple more vehicles and some foot-sloggers from the Panzer Lehr Division to add to your growing 1944 dioramas!

Here they are in all their individual glory!

SdKfz 222 Normandy
1 figure included and an option to have the hatch open or closed
Price $155.90
Panzer Lehr R75
2 figures included. Price $129.90
Panzer Lehr Firing
2 figures. Price $67.90
Panzer Lehr Advancing
1 figure. Price $34.95
Panzer Lehr Officer
1 figure. Price $34.95
Panzer Lehr Nebelwerfer Set
Includes 2 Figures, Weapon & Ammo Accessories
Price $129.90

Once again I particularly like the vehicles, especially the 222 which has recently been released by K&C as well, and the Nebelwerfer set which surely represents fantastic value for money! Huzzah!

Happy hunting!