Tuesday 26 August 2014

John Jenkins Designs: September Releases

As has become customary of late, here's the latest releases from JJD for next month, even before this month has come to an end. They aren't even up on the JJDUK web site yet!

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Tuesday 19 August 2014

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: Latest Releases

If you've been wondering what's happening in the world of Thomas Gunn then you need look no further. Courtesy of the newsletter that popped into my inbox the other day and reproduced here for your enjoyment, you will soon be up to date

Dear All

Well today I finally get to go on my holidays but before I go please see below this months offerings from Thomas Gunn.

As I will be away all week, please email all enquiries/orders to, I will be back in work on the 25th August.

There are no FFL figures this month but have no fear, at least 6 new figures are now in the pipeline including an artillery piece!

Last month we sold out of V013A, FFL024D, CLUB 12B and surprise surprise Femme Fatale SS035! The majority of the other releases from July are also on the critical list, not sure if the economy is picking up but things do seem to be on the up.

Our new wooden warbirds also did very well with the Dornier 335 now sold out and I believe we only have 1 x ME 262 left.  I am hoping to offer a new Warbird in early September, it’s German in case anybody needed a clue!

OK so lets kick off with the French Indian War and work our way through the ages:

French Indian War 60th Regiment of Foot

FIW002 Standing Firing Rifleman 60th Foot limited to 100 pieces in 1/32 scale and priced at $40

FIW003 Kneeling Rifleman 60th Foot limited to 100 pieces in 1/32 scale and priced at $40

FIW 004 Charge Your Bayonet!  Limited to 100 pieces in 1/32 scale and priced at $40

World War One

LOA 012: A kneeling and lying down rifleman from the Bedouin tribe, limited to 100 in number and priced at $79 for the two figures.

LOA 013: Two kneeling Bedouin figures, one crouched over looking for a new target and a kneeling reload figure. Limited to 100 in number and priced at $79 for the two figures

GW044: The last of our marching Belgians, this time without a moustache, some fighting Belgians coming in the next few months! This figure limited to 100 in number and priced at $40.

GW025B: A British guard in Pith Hat and desert gear with Boxer puppy dog and sign makes a very nice set. Limited to 100 in number and priced at $40.00  

GW025C: An Australian guard in Pith Hat and desert gear with Boxer puppy dog and sign makes a very nice set. Limited to 100 in number and priced at $40.00


GW028B:  Two German Stormtroopers wearing gas masks in the classic kneeling and standing firing positions. Limited to 100 in number and priced at $79 for the two figures. GW031, 32 and 40 will also follow shortly in the gas mask version.

World War Two

LUFT012: A Technician sits at a table with a cup of coffee, it could be the Neptun radar for a night fighter being repaired or part of the guidance system for the Wasserfall - you decide! Priced at $43.50 and limited to 100 in number.

SS037B: A follow on from our first Maiale: This time with U Boat Commander Wolfgang Luth who is looking on in amusement at what has become of the once mighty Kriegsmarine!

Luth was a very interesting character with one of the highest gross tonnage scores of any U Boat commander during WW2. Awarded the Knights Cross he was unfortunately shot and killed by a German sentry days after the war ended! Priced at $125 and limited to 40 pieces worldwide.


COMM 006: The Royal Navy captured and then copied the Maiale, renaming it the Chariot. Some of these Chariots were then used in operations against the Axis forces, albeit not as successfully as the Italian raid on Alexandria harbour.

Our Chariot comes in green livery with a Commando guard, other Diver figures are planned later to go with this set.

Priced at $125 and limited to 70 in number worldwide.

PARA009: A British Paratrooper stands on guard with Sten submachine gun. Priced at $40 and limited to 100 in number worldwide.

FJ010: Major Heinz Adolff, a posthumous recipient of the Knights Cross who died whilst trying to drive a truck loaded with bombs onto Primosole bridge, in a bid to stop the Allies recapturing it during 1943.

This figure comes in a highly detailed pattern jacket with rank and helmet insignia, one of our best FJ's to date! Limited to 100 in number and priced at $40.

CLUB14: Kurt Welter with Schapps his dog, makes a call on a field telephone. Will go beautifully with LUFT 12 Technician above and whatever aircraft you have in your collection!

Free to all Gunn Club members who spend $150 or more through our website or can be bought as part of a regular purchase, priced at $43.50, limited to 120 in number worldwide.

Next month will see a couple more MAD FFL figures plus some WW2 Russian and Jungle troops, from what I have seen so far there will be some very happy collectors out there once these are released!

Best wishes
Vicki Lucas
TGM Marketing Manager

Happy Hunting!

Sunday 17 August 2014

A Bit of Social History

To paraphrase the man behind Solaris International, not the kind of thing I usually play [post about], but I like it anyway!

A very good friend of mine has recently set up his own YouTube channel, which I have already plugged and provided a link to lower down in the sidebar of this page

Unashamedly, I have decided to plug it again and to provide you with four short videos to take a look at. They aren't about comedy and, as the filmmaker himself states quite clearly in the credits, the person featured in the videos isn't an actress, the videos aren't shot on a set, and there isn't a script, all there is is one dear old lady and her memories of life in Birmingham and the Black Country

Please feel free to spread the word and share them with your friends and family

I hope you enjoy these clips and can share them with others who might find them equally interesting and informative

Friday 15 August 2014

King and Country: August Dispatches

A little late in the day but here they are, the latest releases and retirements from K&C. The number of retirements this month is unusually small, good news as far as I'm concerned as I haven't gotten round to buying the three I need from last month yet! Anyway, without further ado.....



For centuries alas, warfare has been the norm for the countries and peoples of the Middle East...As it is today so it was then during the time of the Crusaders...


Lawrence of Arabia

Three fine new additions to this First World War series...


At the height of the Luftwaffe's attacks during the Battle of Britain many Royal Air Force airfields were being put out-of-action. In order to continue fighting many fighter squadrons were dispersed around the country and made use of any large grass areas that could land and take-off the Spitfires and Hurricanes...
Sports grounds and farmers' fields were among the favorites.
  • RAF055 -- The Cricket Club - This handsome green and white cricket pavilion makes the perfect "dispersal hut" for our displaced RAF pilots. It's located in Walmington-On-Sea quite near where our Fields of Battle "Home Guard" soldiers live! A group of young pilots enjoy a well-earned (and brief) respite from the mighty aerial battles being fought over their heads...
  • RAF057 -- A nice cup of tea! - Eating a sandwich in one hand and a "cuppa" in the other this pilot is ready to leap into the cockpit of his aircraft at a moment's notice.
  • RAF058 -- Arms Folded - Standing Flying Officer is not only wearing his "Mae West" but still got his flying helmet on!
  • RAF059 -- Intelligence Officer - This non-flying RAF officer is taking down notes on the latest aerial encounter between one of these "Brylcreem Boys" and the dreaded "Hun".
  • RAF060 -- Sitting & Thinking - Another Flying Officer enjoying a cup of tea and pondering on the day's events.
  • RAF061 -- Pilot with Map - Windswept hair and silk scarf blowing in the wind...One more young pilot ready to jump into his Spitfire for one more sortie.
  • RAF062 -- Watching & Waiting - This Flight Lieutenant is taking no chances...he's also carrying a Webley .38 service revolver!
  • RAF063 -- The Card Game - Seated in their rattan chairs these two pilots, one a Flight Sergeant, the other a Flying Officer enjoy a game of cards to help pass the time in a rare moment of relaxation.
  • RAF064 -- Tea and Sandwich Table - Providing a welcome "cuppa" this trestle table has been set up with a tea urn, a pot of coffee, a plate of sandwiches, cups and saucers and a radio to listen to the BBC.
  • RAF065 -- Anti-Aircraft Bren Gun Team - Once the Luftwaffe began attacking RAF airfields and other ground installations every kind of weapon was utilized in their defence. Here, a .303 Bren Gun is on its AA mounting and ready to "have a go" at any low-flying German aircraft. Both RAF ground crew are wearing "08" pattern webbing (blancoed in RAF grey) and one also carries a .303 Lee Enfield.


  • WS225 -- Pz.Kpfw38(t) - By the middle of 1942 many German vehicles were being camouflaged...including the Czech-made 38(t). Here is our version...
  • WS291 -- Flak Panzer 1A - These little beauties were used primarily on the Eastern Front in the ground-attack role. This grey, dust-coated version mounts the highly regarded 20mm Flak Gun and comes with a seated gunner.
  • WS292 -- Flak Panzer Gun Crew - Two additional crewmen to help 'serve' the gun (both with no base in order to stand better on the vehicles)
  • WS297 -- The Nice German Soldier - Proof that not all Germans were "monsters'...This 'soldaten' shares his bread and jam with a young girl in one of the occupied countries.


Another of our "French Facades" and this time it's a double!
  • SP060 -- Deux Maisons - A tall four-storey structure attached to a three-storey shop/house with a "Viennoiserie"...a typical French shop selling croissants, pastries and bread. Sounds good already!

King & Country - Being Retired


A very small batch this month... Please note we only Hyperlink the categories in case an individual piece has already sold out!

Streets of Old Hong Kong

  • HK121 New Running Rickshaw


  • MK086 Royal Man-at Arms with Banner
  • MK087 French Knight w/Lance
  • MK088 French Man-at-Arms w/Banner
  • MK089 French Man-at-arms w/Double Handed Sword

Happy Hunting!