Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year, 2014

Okay, so some of my more recent posts have been a little late. To make up for that, a little, this one is slightly early, at least for some of us!

I'd like to wish everyone around the globe a happy, prosperous and successful New Year

May it bring you everything good you wish for, and more. Good health, good times, and good cheer!

JJD: December Releases

As already referred to in my previous post, I know this is late in the day but I would feel incomplete if I didn't post the following pictures of John's latest batch of releases, so here goes

Happy hunting!

King and Country: December Disptaches

Thank God, or anyone else you care to for that matter, that Santa and his sleigh are never as late as some of my posts! Anyone looking at this has probably seen all the goodies already, you may even have ordered some of them. So without further ado, here's the list of new releases and retirements for December [perilously close to being last month] from Andy and the team in HK

Heading for the hills!

Happy hunting!

The Birmingham Toy Soldier Show: News

We are very nearly at the beginning of a new year, reflecting back on the current one and, hopefully, looking forward to the one ahead with all the experiences that it will bring

Whatever it brings we can be certain of at least one thing; some things will change. And so it is with what has been, for the past 23 years at any rate, a constant in the toy soldier hobbyist's calendar, The Birmingham Toy Soldier Show

Like its bigger brother, The London Toy Soldier Show, 2014 will see it morph into something slightly different. The LTSS is now being run by different organisers and held at a different venue. The Birmingham event will continue to be held at The Clarendon Suite in Edgbaston but 'under new management'

After 23 years at the helm, Dave McKenna, supported throughout by his good lady wife, has decided to pass the rudder on to someone else, namely Pat Adams of The British Toy Soldier Company, with sponsorship from W Britains

Let's hope the event continues to prosper and succeed in one of its founders original goals, to bring the fascinating hobby of toy soldier collecting to a new and expanding audience

Watch this space for further details

Monday 30 December 2013

K&C Announce KnC

In a somewhat radical departure from the norm King and Country have announced the development of a new product range made out of plastic. Yes, you heard right. Plastic!

The first complete series of figures is due to be released early in the new year and according to the press releases will be a number of figures for their 'Alamo' range. Meanwhile, there is a taste of what is to come in the form of a 'mixed media' model of an American Sherman, pictured below

KnC 001, a D-Day Sherman, is being advertised as a high quality, pre-painted plastic and metal 1:30 scale model and comes with a half body tank commander and 2 removable wading engine and exhaust stacks

The company are using a hard plastic so reproducing fine detail shouldn't be a problem and we won't have to worry about swords, bayonets, rifles, flag poles and the like bending or figures that can't stand up!

Take a look at what the company is saying for yourself


This month we’re officially announcing our new “KnC” brand. At King & Country we’ve been working for over 18 months on producing a line of figures and vehicles that will be complementary to our existing main stream production but will provide collectors, old and new, with a less expensive, more affordable line of products that we believe can fill a gap in the 1:30 scale market.

Pre painted and manufactured in high quality, hard plastic resin the new figures and vehicles will provide collectors with a way to purchase "multiples" and "add-ons" that can extend and supplement existing K&C all-metal and mixed media collections and displays... not replace them!

We also believe that the more-affordable price-point will encourage younger collectors and even some plastic enthusiasts to venture into our part of the toy soldier/military miniature community...perhaps for the first time.

The first figure line is centered around our existing "Remember The Alamo" all-metal series and will be released in early 2014.


KnC001: D-Day Sherman
This is one particular M4 Sherman that King & Country has never produced before... the unique "Wading Sherman". For D.Day certain M4A3 Shermans were fitted with tall wading stacks that were fixed on top and on the rear of the tank’s engine compartment. This allowed the vehicles to be launched off the beach and wade, under their own power, onto dry land. Once ashore the stacks would be jettisoned and the M4 could resume its task and its normal profile appearance.

Our new “KnC” M4 comes with 2 x removable stacks... 1 x half-body tank commander... and a
separate .50 calibre machine gun. Each tank is also carefully packaged in a specially designed,
sturdy “window” box that allows collectors to see exactly what they’re buying when they’re
buying it.

Metal toy soldier collecting purists may well be frothing at the mouth at the very idea of all this but I for one am quite excited at the prospect. I'm certainly prepared to reserve judgement until I've actually seen some of the finished products

Roll on 2014 and happy hunting!

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Sierra Toy Soldier Newsletter Link

Here's a little experiment that I've not tried before

The other day, the latest edition of the STS Newsletter arrived in my inbox and upon opening it I noticed a little orange and white icon in the top left hand corner which, when I clicked on it, gave me the option to share it in all manner of ways

When I clicked on the Blogger icon from the extensive drop down list, this is what resulted. A very skeletal post containing the following hyperlink

I hope you have fun exploring it

Beau Geste Digest: December Releases

New releases in December from our Argentinian cousins take the form of three new sets for their WW1 range

Sets 374, 375 and 376 depict WW1 British Infantry and a British Field Medical Corps Mule Ambulance, all in winter uniform

374 - British Infantry in campaign,
Winter, WWI

376 - British Military Band,
Winter, WWI

375 - British Field Medical Corps,
Mule Ambulance, Winter, WWI

Happy hunting!