Wednesday 29 May 2013

Latest Additions: SA Street Scene

Last month K&C retired a substantial number of figures and amongst them were the figure sets you see pictured below

They will eventually form part of a street scene, somewhere in Germany, to include a number of other SA figures from K&C, as well as a couple of scenic items, and [with any luck] showcasing the talents of leading diorama maker David Marshall

Planned additions to the diorama include three SA figures enjoying a stein or three of beer, the standing SA officer, trumpeter and flag bearer, the advertising drum and the recently released marching SA bandsmen and troopers making their way down the road

All very much in the planning stages at the moment but I will keep posting as things continue to take shape

Happy hunting!

Sunday 26 May 2013

New Kid on the Block

This news comes via the March London Toy Soldier Show, via the latest edition of Toy Soldier Collector and so for many of you it may not even be news. Hey, for all I know you may already have heard of these fellas and so it definitely won't be news to you, which ever way you cut it

Suffice to say, however, it was news to me and so I thought I'd post about it. The latest edition of TSC carries an article about the most recent LTSS and one of the photos features a Persian warrior from the days of Alexander the Great, mounted on a camel. The accompanying copy informs you that the figure was part of a display featuring figures from a 'new' Russian manufacturer by the name of 'Ages Historical Collection'

A few clicks on the trusty computer keyboard led me to their website, where I discovered that the company started back in 2002. From what I can gather, they don't have a UK dealer or distributor but they do ship worldwide and some of their figures look very nice indeed. Why not take a look and see for yourself

The Persian camel rider mentioned earlier

There's lots more to see at on their website, dare I say something for everyone, so well worth a look

Happy hunting!

W. Britain: Dambusters Commemorative Release

To coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the Dambusters' daring raid on German Rhine dams during 1943 WB have launched a limited edition series of WW2 RAF figures

The figures are pictured below and further details are available on the company website

Happy hunting!

Saturday 25 May 2013

Latest Additions: Airgun Crazy

Hi folks. A while ago I posted about a new interest, namely shooting 'real' guns as opposed to airsoft replicas. The other day, last Tuesday to be precise, I finally took the plunge and invested in an air rifle and a bag-load of other bits and pieces that I simply had to have as well

The goodies came from John Knibbs International, aka Airgun Spares, aka The Countrystore, a small yet beautifully proportioned family run business in Shustoke in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside

The goodies in question are pictured below

The Weihrauch HW100T, full length, complete with moderator

The MTC Viper scope [6-24 X 56 IR] was mounted and zeroed by Alex, the young chap who handled my order, and very well done it was, too. I put a mag through it on their range, holding the gun on my elbows and shooting at spinners 30 yards away and it was sweet as a nut!

This SCB, part mildot, part 'Christmas tree' reticule is just the ticket. It even lights up, just like every good Christmas tree should!

These very comfortable and snug-fitting MacWet gloves were a special order item so if there's anything you want that they don't ordinarily stock, they will do their best to get it for you

If you look closely at the rear of the rifle [pictured above] you will notice a nickel plated swivel screw fixed towards the rear of the stock. That was done while I waited by one of the gunsmiths at the store in readiness for attaching the American made sling in this picture, the other end of which will fix onto the front of the bipod

This Deben bipod is a very nice spring loaded, tilting affair with a quick-release/locking lever on the front

No airgun setup would be complete without an air bottle to top up the rifle with. This 3 litre capacity bottle is easy to store and equally easy to take down to the range with you should you feel the need.....

.....and this nifty little carry handle makes it even easier and more comfortable to transport

The rifle comes complete with two 14 shot rotary magazines and a black plastic nozzle that attaches to the filling tube. This allows you to replenish the rifle's reservoir via a quick-fill valve on the front of the cylinder without having to take it off

Not an essential piece of kit I don't suppose, but I thought I'd have one. Slipped over the gun whilst in storage, it is supposed to help keep moisture and damp from attacking your pride and joy!

And finally, but by no means least, something to carry it around in. I was initially going to buy a hard case but the single hard case they had in stock was too small and the double, rectangular monster was too much case for a single gun. This leather reinforced, fleece-lined case from BSA makes for a very attractive alternative

So, there you have it. Quite a lot of money spent and a whole load of fun to be had playing with it all

If you're thinking of investing in an air weapon, a shotgun or a tactical .22 semi-automatic you could do a lot worse than give these guys a call. The staff are friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable and the drive there takes you down some very pleasant country lanes which at this time of year are teeming with pheasants!

Happy hunting!

First Legion: May Update

New figures for May from Matt and the team at First Legion

First up for our May lineup, we have the very long awaited and highly anticipated next release for our American Revolution figure range, AWI040-AWI055 British 22nd Regiment of Foot.

These figures were previewed well over a year ago and are now available for pre-order. We do hope you find them worth the wait!
AWI040 British 22nd Foot Officer - $59.95
AWI041 British 22nd Foot Standard Bearer - King's Colors - $74.95
AWI042 British 22nd Foot Standard Bearer - Regimental Colors - $74.95
AWI043 British 22nd Foot Drummer - $69.95
AWI044 British 22nd Foot NCO - $59.95
AWI045 British 22nd Foot Standing Firing - Head Variant 1 - $59.95
AWI046 British 22nd Foot Kneeling Firing - Bare Head - $59.95
AWI047 British 22nd Foot Kneeling Standing Loading - Bandaged Head - $59.95
AWI048 British 22nd Foot Standing Ready - Head Variant 1 - $59.95
AWI049 British 22nd Foot Standing Firing - Head Variant 2 - $59.95
AWI050 British 22nd Foot Kneeling Firing - $59.95
AWI051 British 22nd Foot Standing Ramming Cartridge - $59.95
AWI052 British 22nd Foot Standing Ready - Head Variant 2 - $59.95
AWI053 British 22nd Foot Standing Reaching for Cartridge - $59.95
AWI054 British 22nd Foot Falling Wounding - $59.95
AWI055 British 22nd Foot Wounded Colonel Given Water - $109.95

Shipping End May 2013

Next, we have a new “vignette” release for our Napoleon’s Europe Flagship figure range, NAP0410-NAP0417 Napoleonic French “Camp Life.”

This release is part of our latest trend in taking the action off of the battlefields and providing a glimpse into the non-combat elements of Napoleonic campaigning. The figures are definitely some of our finest from a painting and sculpting perspective, so we do hope that you enjoy them.
NAP0410 Voltigeur and Fusilier Playing Cards on a Drum - $139.95
NAP0411 Veteran Sapper Introduces a Drummer Boy to Spirits - $134.95
NAP0412 French Cantiniere Serving Spirits - $64.95
NAP0413 Voltigeur Gathering Wood for the Fire - $64.95
NAP0414 Fusilier Standing Guard in Greatcoat - $64.95
NAP0415 Two French Fusiliers Having Dinner with their Mascot - $149.95
NAP0416 French Hussar Standing Shaving - $64.95
NAP0417 Napoleonic Open Tent, Closed Tent, and Musket Stand - $79.95

Shipping End May 2013

If they prove popular with you all, we’ll continue this trend of “scenes and vignettes” as well as extend the concept to some of our other figure ranges.

Finally, we have the latest release for our WWII Das Deutsche Afrika Korps figure range, DAK022-DAK024 SdKfz 222 Light Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles and Crew figure.

We’ve provided two different variants each with unique stowage and detailing representing the 90th Light Pz. Division and the 15th Panzer Division. The crew figure is also a bit different as he has a wrench and is doing maintenance on the vehicle.
DAK022 SdKfz 222 Light Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle - 15th Panzer Division - $229.95
DAK023 SdKfz 222 Light Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle - 90th Light Pz. Division - $229.95
DAK024 Das Deutsche Afrika Korps Panzer Crew with Wrench - $64.95

Shipping End May 2013

So that wraps up May’s new product lineup and we’re now hard at work preparing for what will be an equally exciting month of June.  In fact, one of June’s new releases is this month's “Sneak Peek”.

Warfare Magazine: Dambusters Special

JJD: May Releases

News from the team over at JJD UK

Uncle Sam’s finest tosses his hat in the ring. American ace of the 94th Aero Squadron USAS Eddie Rickenbacker’s SPAD XIII S.4523. The squadron was first organised on 20th August 1917, at Kelly Field Texas and was deployed to France soon afterwards.

Watch the video of Eddie Rickenbacker’s SPAD on JJD UK TV.

Following the popularity of the first, a second set of British Pilots, designed specifically to fit with the Sopwith Camels, and suitable for most other planes. One pilot is giving the ‘thumbs up’, perhaps signalling to the ground crew prior to take off or to a fellow pilot of an imminent altitude change.

Lt. C. B. Arnold, commander of the British Whippet Tank 344, also known as ‘Musical Box’. Arnold’s exploits in his Whippet are the stuff boy’s own adventures are made of. You can read more about his exploits in the JJD UK Gallery.

The first of 14 figures for the 35th Regiment of foot arrives, a Line infantry marching set. The 35th Regiment of Foot was active in North America during the French Indian War from 1756 until 1763 and is probably best known for serving at Fort William Henry, during the siege in which the fort was overwhelmed by General Montcalm’s French forces. This set is available as a single figure set as well as a four figure boxed set.

‘Knock knock’,
‘Who’s there?’
‘Prussians who?’
‘Prussians who have given up ‘axeing’ nicely to come in!’

This wonderfully animated Battle of Leuthen set adds immediate character to the collection and leaps straight out of Carl Rochling’s painting ‘DieSchlacht Von Leuthen'.

Baron Dominique Jean Larrey, who served as Surgeon-in-chief of Napoleon’s army from Italy to Waterloo implemented the modern method of combining an Army Surgery, field hospitals and a system of Ambulances. Noticing the speed at which French Artillery carriages manoeuvred on the field, he adapted a similar system to the French Ambulance allowing them to rapidly transport the wounded, manned by trained crews of drivers and litter bearers.

The characteristic windmills of Portugal and Spain, positioned on hills and ridges, played an unwitting role of strategic importance as command posts during many of the major battles of the Peninsular War. At Busacco, Massena, the French commander was positioned at the windmill at Moura, whilst on the opposing ridge, Crauford used the windmill at Sula for his command post.

Display your collection with pride

How do you display your collection? Have you ever wanted to display a museum quality diorama on your own shelf or in your cabinet? If you don’t have the time, tools, workshop space or are not yet confident in your hobby skills, The Sudan Desert Boards are the ideal solution for anyone who wants a professional diorama base board without the hassle. Perfect for collectors with Ikea ‘Billy’ bookcases and similar shelf or cabinet displays.

The Sudan Desert boards are designed to be used with The First War in Sudan collection and are equally suited for the Peninsular War, Chippawa and Spanish Civil War Ranges.

The Sudan display boards are ready to use straight out of the box, painted and flocked. Join both Desert Board 1 and Desert Board 2 to display half a British square and join two of each for a stunning coffee table display of a full square.
Back in Production - Updates

TT-01 Ticonderoga - French Defences 1 – shipping June 2013

Club Set Releases

JJCLUBSET-12 Lieutenant Francis James Buchanan and Light Coehorn Mortar and JJCLUBSET-14 Mortar Wagon have at last arrived. If you have not already received your pre-order of these sets, they should be with you very soon.

JJCLUBSET-15 Roger’s Servant and JJCLUBSET-16 English Travelling Blacksmith’s Forge are due delivery from the beginning of June.

Intel and Reconnaissance

When James visited John at his workshop in Hong Kong, John rather teasingly said he’s had to hide so many things it has taken him most of the morning to pack them all away. He also allowed some exclusive sneak previews of figures including a French officer and Grenadiers at Ticonderoga. All these shots and more can be found on our Intel and Reconnaissance page.

London Toy Soldier Show

JJD UK will be appearing at the London Toy Soldier Show, Saturday 8th June 2013 at The Islington Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London, N1 0QH. Book your tickets now.

You will find us on the atrium level, beside the doors to the stairs. Watch our videos of previous Toy Soldier Shows at JJD UK TV. We look forward to seeing you there. Keep up to date with all our show appearances and see more details about the venue on the JJD UK Show Calendar.

That about wraps it up for this month. Stay tuned for more news next month and in the mean time, happy hunting! 

Monday 6 May 2013

AAF: Next Event

Okay, I know it's only a couple of days since the last time I posted about this event but it's on my doorstep and I reckon it's well worth supporting, so there!

Be there, or be square!

King and Country: Dispatches

Hello there and welcome to the latest King and Country Dispatches, only with a bit of a difference. Read on and all will be revealed!


        Welcome to a “DISPATCHES” with a difference…From this month we’ve decided to limit “DISPATCHES” to news of what will be appearing in just that particular month.

        So no advance warning on what will be available the following month…sorry!  This way we hope to keep collectors and dealers focused on what will actually be ready and available for shipping over the next 30 days…plus why provide competitors with additional info on what we’ve got in the pipeline!

        Of course with all rules there will be exceptions and from time to time, if and when we have something unique, we will announce it in advance either with “DISPATCHES” or in a special announcement at any time during the month.

So, all the figures available for sale this month are the ones previewed in last month's post meaning, in short, that there's nothing new to report on save to tell you what's being retired. Heading for the hills this month are the following and, bearing in mind I've got no new eye candy to show you, I thought I'd add some pictures of all those figure sets heading for the hills, courtesy of the guys at The Toy Soldiers Club in Canada

AL013 Turkish Soldier Reaching for Bayonet
AL020 Fighting Duo
AL022 Turkish Casualty
BBA041 Fire Team
BBA042 Kneeling Officer w/ Bino
BBA043 Teen-age Prisoners
BBA044 Kneeling NCO w/ Tommy Gun
BBG034 "Over There!"
BBG036 Gun Commander

BBG037 "Walking Forward"
BBG044 Bastogne Signpost
BBG045 Malmedy Signpost
EA032 Saluting Scottish Officer
EA033 Presenting Arms Scottish Soldier
EA034 Saluting Gurkha Officer
EA035 Standing at attention Gurkha Soldier
EA036 Marching Indian Army Officer
EA037 Marching Indian Soldier

EA038 Guards Sergeant
EA039 Guardsman Shoulder Arms
FOB062 The Refugee Cart
FOB063 Old Woman by the Road
FOB064 The Pram Sets
FOB065 Father & Son
FOB066 The Old Couple
LAH090 SA Chief-of-Staff Viktor Lutze
LAH133 The Bill Posters

LAH134 Nazi Billboard
NA195 Cannon Set
NA196 Artillery Commander Set
NA197 Alternative Gun Crew
NA198 Howitzer Cannon
RAF001 Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding
RAF002 Squadron Leader Douglas Bader

Quite a formidable list, I'm sure you'll agree, and two items on it that I purchased as soon as I read it. I was fortunate enough to grab the last two on the shelves of K&C UK, 1 each of LAH 133 and LAH 134. Phew! I hope you're just as lucky with whatever purchases you have planned. Happy hunting!