Sunday 28 September 2014

Star Wars: LEGO

I've been a fan of LEGO ever since I was a child. It is, arguably, the greatest toy ever invented. Well, now I have two young children of my own and I am determined to get them hooked

So far, we've been buying them DUPLO, the bigger, easier to manipulate and harder to swallow, LEGO aimed at the toddler market and they both absolutely love it

Buying DUPLO for the kiddies has re-kindled my love affair with the little plastic bricks, so much so that I have recently started buying LEGO Star Wars sets, ostensibly in readiness for when my little angels are ready to graduate to 'the BIG stuff', but in reality it's for me to play with!

It never ceases to amaze me how, as soon as you start to dip your toe in the water of another toy soldier hobby offshoot [for that is what I think we've got here] you soon find yourself exposed to a new universe of almost limitless possibilities

Two or three sets in, I found myself toying with the idea [no pun intended] of creating some stat cards, adapting a set of wargames rules, and figuring out how to play miniature skirmish battles with the models. Not for a moment did I allow myself to think that I'd be the first person to think of doing this, but as soon as I started surfing the net for research purposes I found myself catapulted into a strange new world of custom minifigures, combat accessories and tabletop LEGO gaming!

This is the first post in a series I will be continually adding to as my embryonic collection of Star Wars LEGO combatants grows

I thought I'd end this post with a link to a fabulous website I came across, and to a tribute on the Home page paid to its founder. The man's name is Dan Jezek and the website he founded is BrickLink, essentially a one-stop shop for anyone keen to get their hands on anything LEGO, parts, sets, minifigures, accessories, you name it, more usually than not at prices far keener than you could expect to find elsewhere. In a word, it's eBay for LEGO, and so much more besides. Coincidentally, the day Dan passed away four years ago also happens to be my birthday

Cheers, Dan, for being the driving force behind such a marvellous site

Keep on Building!

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

Just a quick post to say that fairly recently I came across a miniatures game that up until then had completely passed me by

I'm afraid I don't even remember how, or under what circumstances, I finally got to hear about it but, suffice to say, it caught my imagination to the extent that even without playing it I went out and purchased it almost immediately, and then set about making myself a makeshift playing surface out of black foam board purchased from Hobbycraft. No sooner had I done that, I purchased a second starter pack over the net. Sounds crazy, but it's the cheapest way to buy three more ships to start building your star fleets

The game isn't new but I'm sure I'm not alone in never having heard of it before. A couple of mates of mine, both dyed in the wool Star Wars fanatics, also hadn't heard of it until recently

I'm not going to go into the details of how to play the game just now but it is a) very simple to get a grip of, especially if you're familiar with board games and war games of different sorts, b) good value for money given what's in the starter pack box and c) great fun!

I intend to throw a few more posts up about it once I've played it a few more times and bought myself some of the expansions. Until then, if you're new to it too, here's a couple of images to whet your appetite and a plug for Chaos Cards, a UK based company specialising in minis games and trading card games, who are selling the range of ships and accessories for very reasonable prices


Thomas Gunn Miniatures: September Update

A slightly apologetic note here, courtesy of Vicki, the marketing manager over at TGM. It seems there's been a bit of a delay with the September shipment!

Dear All

A quick news update to let you know how things are progressing with Septembers releases. We have been informed that our shipment is stuck in a very long queue at the TNT warehouse in China and will ship 3rd October to UK. 

This means we should be shipping the following week to all of you who have placed orders, apologies for the unexpected delay.

As small recompense to show we have not been idle I have attached pictures of our new FFL and Allied Jungle troops that will be coming soon.

I was looking back over last month's notes and realised I had typed that we were expecting 100 of LOA 14 (Dead Arab) to be shipped to us. Apparently we are now only due to receive 80 of these great looking figures and if you have not ordered a set yet, it might be prudent to do so before they sell out.

The new Allied and Japanese jungle troops have sold very well and I have great pleasure in attaching more pictures showing the radio and flamethrower operators that will also be available soon.

That's all for now folks except I will be in touch again in early October with pictures of 2 new wooden aeroplanes that will be available in October. 

Best wishes Vicki Lucas
Marketing Manager TGM

And now for the eye candy. Enjoy!

Happy Hunting!

Beau Geste Digest

All the latest from our friends over in Argentina

Hi to everyone,

Just a short note from the Chicago show. We have room trade full day tomorrow and show on Sunday. Here are the sets I brought here that are being released during these wonderful days. I didn't want to keep you waiting until I'm back home to see the pictures. Hope you like them. Enjoy.

Delhi Durbar 1903

397 - Elephant with Akali from Patiala, Delhi Durbar 1903

398 - Elephant with Drummer from Patiala, Delhi Durbar, 1903

393 - Rewah Cavalry, Delhi Durbar, 1903

394 - Rewah Musicians, Horns and Flute, Delhi Durbar, 1903

395 - Rewah Musicians, Serpentines and Cymbal, Delhi Durbar, 1903

396 - Flagbearers from Sehr and Mukalla, Delhi Durbar, 1903

World War I
391A - Scottish Infantry, with beret, WWI

392A - Scottish Fifers and Drummers, with beret, WWI

391B - Scottish Infantry, with hat, WWI

392B - Scottish Fifers and Drummers, with hat, WWI

391C - Scottish Infantry, with helmet, WWI

392C - Scottish Fifers and Drummers, with helmet, WWI

 Happy Hunting!

Sunday 21 September 2014

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: Latest Releases

The latest releases from Thomas Gunn Miniatures, and a pretty varied bag of goodies it is this month!

Happy Hunting!

Saturday 20 September 2014

John Jenkins Designs: October Releases

The latest releases from John Jenkins Designs, including this rather determined and purposeful looking NCO from their Seven Years War range depicting the Battle of Leuthen 


Happy Hunting! 

Tuesday 16 September 2014

William Britains: Latest Releases

The latest releases from William Britain, including a rather nice set commemorating the centenary of the start of the First World War

William Britain

New Britain's Releases In Stock Now!
New Sierra Toy Soldier Exclusive - Zulu Storehouse Attack

Jack Tars & Leathernecks Collection

Clash of Empires


American Civil War


Happy Hunting!

King and Country: September Dispatches

King & Country September 2014 Releases!

Classic Roman Red

When we produced our LOJ (Life of Jesus) Roman Auxiliaries we had many requests for them to change their tunic colours from blue to red...And here they are. Both blue and red will be available.

The Joust

"Jousting" was one of the ways medieval Knights tested and practiced their "Skill-At-Arms" when they were not actually in battle. Contests both on foot and mounted allowed them perfect their fighting skills and prepare them for the real thing.
Needless to say "Jousting" was not for the faint-hearted - serious injuries were common and death could often take its place on the jousting field. Tempers could fray especially when contestants were using very sharp, very heavy, and...very lethal weaponry!
Among the most popular events of a "Joust" was the "Mounted Charge"...

More Blood On The Plains

Continuing our highly colourful and exciting "Little Big Horn" series...
  • TRW063(P) -- Red Stripe - A mounted Cheyenne "Dog Soldier" brandishing a captured Cavalry pistol and carrying his war shield.
  • TRW065 -- The Last Bullet - If there was one thing U.S. Cavalry troopers feared most it was the possibility of falling into Indian hands...alive! Many Sioux and Cheyenne warriors at the battle reported seeing several "blue coats" take their own lives during the last desperate struggles.
  • TRW066 -- Dead Trooper - Another trooper slumps onto the grass with two Indian arrows finding their mark.
  • TRW067 -- Fatal Shot - One more U.S. Cavalry casualty...reins in his horse as an Indian bullet strikes home!


A dramatic advance through "no-man's land" toward the German trenches and death or glory...All of our French "Poilus" are in mud and dust-stained battle order wearing their "Horizon Bleu" uniforms.

Armoured Krankenwagen

All of K&C's German medics, nurses and medical vehicles have been very popular...and there's even more in the works. Here is one that got a huge collector response when it was featured in Gordon's recent Field Hospital diorama...


17 September 2014 is the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of "Operation MARKET GARDEN" so it's highly appropriate that we have a special release of British Airborne Forces to commemorate the event...
  • MG052(P) -- Lt. Col. John Frost - The commanding officer of 2 Para and the man who led the valiant but ultimately doomed defense of one end of the famous bridge which now bears his name. Here John Frost is in action firing his Mk.V Sten Gun from the hip.
  • MG054(P) -- Sapper Tom Carpenter - 9th Airborne Field Company Royal Engineers - Tom flew by glider to Arnhem where his section joined Col. Frost's men at the bridge on the evening of 17 September. After much fierce fighting he was seriously wounded on 20 September and captured on the 21st. Our figure shows him in action with his trusty Lee Enfield rifle.
    Tom sadly passed away earlier this year.
  • MG055(P) -- Corporal Bill Bloys 2 Para - Bill Bloys was Col.Frost's batman and stayed with him throughout the battle at the bridge. Our figure portrays him using a Bren Gun in the closing stages of the battle at the bridge.
  • MG056(P) -- Medic & Wounded Para - When the 1st Airborne Division landed at Arnhem their number included nearly 600 medical personnel as they expected heavy casualties. Here a kneeling medic tends to a wounded airborne soldier.
  • MG057(P) -- Capt.James Ogilvie 2i.c.D Company, Glider Pilot Regt. - One of the most famous images of the Battle of Arnhem is of a Scottish officer in his kilt learning over a jeep about to retrieve something.
    The officer was Capt.James Ogilvie, originally a "Gordon Highlander" but now leading a company of the Glider Pilot Regiment into Arnhem itself. Unlike most other officers he is not wearing a "Denison Para" smock but in battledress and carrying a Sten Gun.
    Capt. Ogilvie died attempting to swim across the Rhine of the night of the British withdrawal 25/26 Sept.1944.

Luftwaffe Reinforcements

3 well-chosen sets to boost most collections of K&C Luftwaffe fans!
  • LW054 -- 20mm Flak Gun - Another version of this ubiquitous little Flak piece...Perfect for airfield defense - The gun comes with a seated gunner included.
  • LW055 -- Flak Gun Helpers - 2 extra figures to support the gun and gunner...a "Spotter" complete with binos trained skywards and...a "loader" - A gun set without these two wouldn't defend or protect very much!
  • LW057 -- The Heinkel 162 Salamander (250 Produced) - The third of our Luftwaffe late-war jet fighters. This amazing aircraft was rushed through design and testing stages and put into full production in the Spring of 1945...Alas too little too late however a few did fly in combat but many more were captured by the Allies and provided plenty of ideas and inspiration for Allied aircraft development in the immediate post war period...Just 250 of this great looking little fighter have been produced.

King & Country - Being Retired


A very small batch this month... Please note we only Hyperlink the categories in case an individual piece has already sold out!

"L'Armee francaise" August 1914

  • FW074 Officer with Pistol and Sword
  • FW075 Kneeling Firing Rifleman
  • FW076 Poilu Charging
  • FW077 w/Rifle and Bayonet
  • FW078 Standing Firing Rifleman
  • FW079 Machine Gun Set
  • FW084 French Flagbearer