Tuesday 29 December 2015

Latest Additions: October Show Acquisitions

Another collecting year very nearly over and what better way to round it off than with a couple of posts highlighting some additions to my own collection

First up, a delightfully posed WW1 sniper by JJD to add to my, as yet still very small, collection of his figures. This particular figure will take his place in my WW1 diorama, just about to take refuge in a somewhat wet shell hole ready for his next shot

Going back a little further in time, an ensemble of half a dozen Austrian figures from the Seven Years War that I picked up at the 2015 Birmingham Toy Soldier Show in October. Thanks to Barry at Piers Christian who was selling them off at a significantly discounted price. I couldn't pass up the opportunity of giving my Prussians something to shoot at as they pressed their advantage at Leuthen

Finally, a figure I bought recently from Sierra Toy Soldiers in California, a retired hitler figure, and one of several I have now, from K&C. He is one of a number of retired figures I bought at the same time, about which more in the next post

Happy Hunting!