Wednesday 24 December 2014

Season's Greetings

In a couple of days time, less than that if truth be told, children everywhere, big and small, will be opening presents with smiles on their faces and warm feelings in their hearts

I hope you will be one among them and that you will have made someone else just as happy and delighted in return

Here's hoping Santa brings you all the toy soldiers you could possibly want, well nearly. You'll need to save some for next year I guess!

Compliments of the season to you all

Monday 22 December 2014

First Legion: December Releases

No month would be truly complete without an announcement of more simply stunning soldiers from the First Legion stable, so here goes. Feast your eyes on these little beauties but remember, keep your mouth well away from the computer keyboard!

First up, the ACW.....

.....followed by WW2.....

.....and last but by no means least, the SYW. WOW!!!!!!

Just in case that little lot wasn't quite enough for you, how about a couple of 'sneak peaks' of some figures due for release in January/February next year?

More information is available from the company website, or from Sierra Toy Soldier, or from here:

Happy Hunting!

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: Wings of War New Releases

Three new releases to add to the growing collection of fabulous wooden aircraft from TGM, this time in the shape of these magnificent German machines

Wings of War 017

Fokker Eindecker flown by Anthony Fokker and Otto Parschau
(8 kills) The Eindecker was the first German fighter aircraft with a
synchronised machine gun that allowed it to fire through the propeller. This
gave the aircraft a distinct advantage over Allied planes at the time and
gave rise to the fabled 'Fokker Scourge' during the period 1915 to early

Early Fokkers were armed with 1 machine gun with some later versions even
featuring 3 machine guns.

Our Fokker Eindecker is decked out in a fetching green and beige colour
scheme and was initially flown by Anthony Fokker and Otto Parschau (8

Parschau was killed following aerial combat on 25th July in 1916, he was 25
years old.

Our model comes with a 1/30 scale pilot figure adjusting his helmet whilst
another takes a snap shot for the family back home! Limited edition of 7
aircraft and priced at $399 plus postage and packing. Please note no Club
figures are supplied with this product.

Wings of War 018

Our second all green Fokker Eindecker is the one flown by Max Immelmann, the
'first' German aerial ace and also one of the first to receive the 'Blue
Max' presented by the Kaiser in 1916 along with Oswald Boelcke. Immelmann is
credited with 15 victories but was killed by the crew of an FE2 'Pusher' in
1916 aged 25 years old.

Once again this aircraft comes with 2 pilot figures, is priced at $399 plus
P&P and is limited to 7 in number worldwide.

A special thanks to Uwe Philippi from Germany and Bob from Florida who both
pestered us here at TGM to make an Immelmann Eindecker, despite our
reservations! I am very happy to say we followed through with their
recommendations and the final result is really something special.

Wings of War 019

The Halberstadt was a very capable 2 seater ground attack/escort fighter
that saw service during WW1. It had an excellent rate of climb and speed and
was still in service at the end of WW1.

Our second Halberstadt comes in a very colourful yellow and red scheme and
was flown by Max Niemann.

Limited to 14 in number worldwide and priced at $499 plus P&P. Also comes
with GW041B German sentry figure but please note, no Club figure is included
with this purchase.

Happy Hunting!

John Jenkins Designs: Collectors Club News

News of three imminent releases to add to John's Collectors Club series of figures. Enjoy!

John Jenkins Collectors Club

JJ DESIGNS COLLECTORS' CLUB SET#19 - Jacobite Rebellion 1745, Regiment Royal Ecossois, Officer with Colonel's Colours. - Deadline for placing your order December 31st 2014!

The Royal Ecossais was raised by John Drummond in 1744 and disbanded 1763.
Their organisation was to be based on that of the Irish regiments ,to be made up of 11 companies of fusiliers and 1 of grenadiers each of 50 men plus officers for a total of 660 effectives. The officers and men used to form the regiment came from several different sources, firstly from Scotsmen serving in the Irish regiments, Scottish exiles living in France together with recruits smuggled out of Scotland. With an effective of 500 men and officers assembled at St.Omer, with John Lord Drummond as lieutenant colonel, (as for all Royal Regiments, the King of France was always the colonel ) although Lord Drummond wrote on the 29th December 1744 that he was missing only 10 men to complete the regiment.
This regiment, as many other foreign regiments in tjhe French Army were not mercenaries as is often claimed, they were more often than not political or religious refugees who could not safely return to their homeland for fear of persecution.
The regiment had a strength of 350 men at the Battle of Culloden on the16th of April 1746 were they were in the second line and later they helped to cover the retreat of the Highlanders right wing, an attempt by Argyll Militia to interfere was pushed aside but in the skirmish the two battalions became separated and one , probably the 2nd battalion, was caught and surrounded by British Dragoons and forced to surrender in Inverness, the other one, together with their colours continued its retreat towards Ruthven Barracks and did not surrender until the 19th of April.
An Officer with the Regimental Colours will be a general release in January 2015.

JJCLUB-SET#20 -- Battle of Fort Carillon, Ticonderoga 8th JULY 1758, 42nd Regiment of Foot, Major Duncan Campbell of Inverawe. - Deadline for placing your order January 31st 2015!

In the year 1739, the six independent companies of the "Highland Watch", along with four newly-raised companies, were incorporated into a Regiment of Foot under John, the Earl of Crawford. This Regiment was originally numbered the 43rd Highland Regiment, but was renumbered as the 42nd in 1749.
The 42nd was sent to New York in 1756, and fought in the first battle of Fort Ticonderoga in 1758, losing over half its troops in a valiant assault on the breastworks. Prior the the action at Ticonderoga, the 42nd was given the distinction of being a "Royal" regiment, changing the uniform's facings from buff to royal blue, and earning the right to bear a distinctive seal on the colours and drums. The regiment was known from then on as The 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment or Royal Highlanders.
The 42nd is rich in tradition from the battle. Foremost is the account surrounding the death of the regiment's major, Duncan Campbell of Inverawe. The 42nd was a Campbell regiment. All 5 officer casualties at Fontenoy in 1745 had been Campbells. At some time in the 1740s Inverawe had been involved in concealing a fugitive. When it turned out the man had murdered his cousin, Inverawe turned him out in breach of a promise he had made. The fugitive appeared in a dream to Inverawe and said "I will see you at Ticonderoga". By 1758 Inverawe had served in the Black Watch for some 20 years and was the major. Only on his arrival in America did he discover the existence of Ticonderoga. The fugitive appeared again to Inverawe in a dream the night before the battle the bloodstained figure predicted his death. Inverawe was severely wounded in the battle and died at Fort Edward after his arm had been amputated.

JJCLUB-SET#21 -- The Seven Years War, French Infantry, Regiment de Bearn, Officer with Colonel's Colour. - Deadline for placing your order January 31st 2015!

The two battalions of this regiment operated on different theatres of operation for most of the Seven Years' War. The 1st Battalion remained in Europe while the 2nd was sent to Canada. The Colonels' Colour remained with the 1st Battalion in Europe. The Colonels' Colours were a white field with a white cross (this was the regular colonel colour carried by most French infantry regiment).
During the Seven Years' War, the regiment ranked 72nd and was under the command of , from 1735 to 1748 Vincent Sylvestre de Thimbrune, Comte de Valence and from January 1 1748 to November 25 1762: Chevalier de Thimbrune de Valence.
The regiment was disbanded on November 25 1762. Its grenadiers and officers were incorporated into the Grenadiers de France while its sergeants, corporals, fusiliers and drummers were offered the opportunity to serve at Saint-Domingue in the colonies by joining the Boulonnais, Foix or Quercy regiments

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William Brtiains: New WW1 Releases

A very limited post, focusing as it does solely on the company's latest WW1 releases

WWI Collection 1914 - 1916

WWI German Forces 1916 -1918

The Model 1910 21cm Mörser was a heavy howitzer developed by Krupp armaments for the Imperial German Army to replace the obsolete 21 cm Mörser 99, which lacked a recoil system. At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, there were 216 of these heavy guns in service with the German Foot Artillery.
The howitzer weighed in at 15,496 lbs. (7,029 kg) and like many of the larger artillery pieces, was usually broken down into two loads for transport by motorized transport or horse. Combat experience indicated the need to add a splinter shield to protect the crews making the weapon even heavier.
The 21cm Mörser could fire a 249 lbs. (113 kilograms) High Explosive 21cm Gr 18 shell up to 10,300 yds. (9,400m), with a muzzle velocity of 1,101 Ft/s (335 m/s).
With the rather short barrel of 8ft 5 in (2.57 m), the carriage box trail box assembled with prominent rivets and large pads attached to the wheels to help reduce the ground pressure, the weapon had a rather anachronistic appearance.
Our new Model has a crew of five Foot Artilleryman, shells, empty cartridge casings, wicker shell cases, equipment boxes and recoil ramps.

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures: December Releases

All the latest releases from TGM with a little information courtesy of our friends across the water in 'sunny' CA and plenty of eye candy!

New Releases Expected December 2014!
French Foreign Legion

African Wars

WWII Allied Forces

More Rangers scheduled for next year with 6 more unique designs already in the pipeline.

WWII German forces

WWII Pacific

In early 2015 we should see the start of our Allied jungle patrol figures as well as plenty of other exciting figures to fill out this range.

World War One


Happy Hunting!