Sunday 22 April 2012

First Legion: Update

It seems like only yesterday when I was writing the previous FL post for the blog, an indication perhaps of just how important this company is becoming, or has become, in the collectable toy soldier market

Anyway, here goes with another roundup of a few more figures now in stock or due for release in the not too distant future

We are very pleased to present the final set in our coverage of the 8th Illinois Cavalry dismounted at Gettysburg, ACW038 Union Dismounted Horse Holder. Though not often depicted in miniature, a dismounted civil war cavalry unit used 25% of its men to hold the horses back from the line while the other men in the regiment deployed for battle. We've done our ACW038 set with only two horses as this still provides the flavor of a horse holder without the added cost. We hope you agree that this is an absolutely striking set that really is a must have for ACW Civil War collections!

ACW038 Union Dismounted Cavalry Horse Holder - $199.95

This month’s sneak peek, the Confederate 13th Alabama at Gettysburg

More images are available on the company website

We are very pleased to present the first of our coverage of the AFV's and Vehicles of the Red Army with the T-34 76mm. Our version of what was arguably the finest tank of WWII is the 1942 76mm version produced at the Stalingrad Tractor Factory (STZ). We have presented two variants of the model, one with a cast turret and one with a welded turret to allow for slightly different models to add interest and variety to displays. We certainly hope you enjoy them!

RUSSTAL018 Russian T-34 76mm STZ with Cast Turret - $299.95
RUSSTAL019 Russian T-34 76mm STZ with Welded Turret - $299.95

RUSSTAL016 Russian Carrying Wounded Comrade Vignette - $129.95

RUSSTAL017 Russian Infantry Casualty - $64.95

GERSTAL043 German Heer Infantry Casualty - $64.95

Finally, but by no means least, some additional man-portable firepower for the assaulting German infantry in the shape of this lovely 80mm mortar team, and the first German personality figure

GERSTAL044 German Heer Infantry 80mm Mortar Team - $139.95

GERSTAL045 German Heer Infantry Feldwebel Directing Fire - $64.95

GERSTAL046 General Friedrich Paulus - $64.95

Happy hunting!

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