Monday 4 February 2013

Airsoft: Arms and Equipment

I've been toying with the idea for quite some time and the other day I finally succumbed to temptation and purchased the item pictured below

I've been looking for a gun that's well built, reliable, with good range and a fairly rapid rate of fire. Whilst surfing the net for a suitable weapon I happened to come across this and set about finding out to get hold of one in the UK

I eventually found a dealer prepared to let the package I wanted [the gun and 8 additional hi-cap magazines] go for just over £520, including next day delivery. Not cheap, I know, but I was working on the premise that I ought to be getting what I was prepared to pay for!

I know it's not always the case, but the first thing that hits you when you tear through the brown paper is the quality of the packaging which is reassuringly expensive looking and suggestive of the fact that on this occasion it just might be

Inside the box you will find a gun, a high-cap magazine, a few BBs, a red plastic barrel cover, a cleaning rod tucked away underneath the gun and an instruction booklet, together with a few paper targets, cleverly secreted away in the lid of the box, which also has a couple of polystyrene blocks strategically stuck onto it for added protection

The magazines are predominantly made of metal, so are reassuringly weighty, very easy to fill with the 500 rounds they comfortably hold, and are absolutely solid as a rock when slipped into the mag well of the gun

The gun itself, being a TM, is unsurprisingly made of a mixture of ABS and metal making it fairly light, but by no means flimsy. The adjustable stock is easy to operate and pretty solid with very little movement even when fully extended

The fire selector and magazine release catches are all comfortably positioned, as they are on the real steel version, and access to the incredibly easy to use hop adjustment is achieved via the cocking handle on the front left hand side of the gun

Access to the battery compartment is a little trickier but by no means complicated or even fiddly once you've practiced it once or twice. Remove the flash hider at the front, release a small catch on the front of the cover whilst at the same time holding the cover, and simply slide it forward. The compartment is designed for 8.4V mini batteries but, as you can see from the photos below, it will easily accommodate a 7.4V Lipo

Other fixtures and fittings include a standard adjustable iron sight at the rear, a single rear steel sling point on the left hand side, and threaded holes on either side of the battery housing ready to take RIS rails should you wish to pimp it up some!

So. How does it shoot? Well, firstly let me qualify this by saying that I haven't yet taken it out into the field but shooting it in the garden the other day was a blast. TM weapons have a reputation for the quality of their hop units, giving the guns consistently good range without the need for excessive power

According to the sticker on the end of the box, put on by the dealer who tested it before it was shipped, the gun is shooting at around 275FPS out of the box, so universally site friendly and convenient from the customer's point of view since there's absolutely no need to mess around with any of the internals

Standing on the decking just outside my patio windows it easily reached the fencing at the bottom of the garden approximately 100 feet away, that's about 30 metres for all you youngsters that might be reading this, and the rate of fire on full auto was, well, grin-inducingly good! Watching the following short clip won't be anything approaching the fun of getting to hold one of these in your sweaty paws and then unleashing hell when you pull the trigger, but it might just give you an inkling of an idea!

Happy hunting!

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