Sunday 15 September 2013

First Legion: New Releases

I'm not going to prattle on here. I'll let the pictures do the talking, supplemented with a little marketing information from Matt and the team. Further details are available on the company website and all of the figures previewed here are now in stock and ready to ship. Enjoy the ride

We are pleased to present our range of Gallic Warriors at the Battle of Alesia! Caesar's campaign in Gaul lasted from 58-50 B.C. when the Gallic Tribes, united under their King Vercingetorix, were decisively defeated at the Battle of Alesia.

The figures presented here can represent any of the various Gallic Tribes such as the Suebi, Belgae, Nervii, etc... and are the perfect complement to our Caesarian Romans. Ferociously presented with their intricate patterns and war paint, these figures are certainly some of the finest we've produced and will make an excellent addition to any serious Roman toy soldier collection. We sincerely hope you enjoy them!

We are pleased to present our release of Caesar's Xth Roman Legion at the Battle of Alesia! The Xth Roman Legion, made famous in Caesar's commentaries, was personally levied by Caesar himself and as such was his most trusted Legion.

They chose the Bull as their emblem and were known as Equestris because at one point Caesar had mounted them on the horses of allied Gallic cavalry to escort him to a peace conference with the German King Ariovistus.

They played a crucial part in Caesar's Gallic Campaigns fighting in nearly every major engagement.   The Xth Legion is presented here in battle formation heavily engaged with the enemy be it on open field of battle or manning the Alesia siegeworks.

Lead by Centurion Gaius Crastinus they will do their duty for Julius Caesar once more!

Next up, some 'hangers on' for their WW2 Battle for Stalingrad range in the shape of a group of superbly executed Soviet tank riders

Last, but by no means least, the latest release for their flagship Napoleonic range, a superb set of Saxon cavalrymen

First Legion is proud to present the Saxon Army of the Napoleonic Wars. After the French defeated the Prussians in 1806, the Kingdom of Saxony joined the Confederation of the Rhine, a coalition of German states which were essentially French satellites.   

Saxon troops fought bravely for the French up to the Battle of Leipzig when the king was deserted by his troops and Saxony fell under Prussian administration. Presented here are the Saxon Guard du Corps at Borodino, an elite and seldom produced heavy cavalry regiment.   

Resplendent in their yellow uniforms, these wonderful figures will make a very sought after addition to any serious Napoleonic toy soldier collection. We hope you enjoy them!

Happy hunting!

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